Make Something New Everyday

Brock Davis is making something cool every day for 2009. Check out the rest of his super fun creations here

This reminds me of my time when I was in Los Angeles during New Years a few years back. I made a resolution for the month of January where I did something I had never done before for 31 days straight. It wasn't anything over the top but they ended up being life changing. It was mainly little things including eating something I had never tried before, using a sun bed for the first (& only) time, exploring a new art gallery. Each day I felt more and more exhillerated and a little bit braver to try something new. Near the end of my little experiement I walked down a red carpet and sat in front of Prince (the rock star)! I swear this only happened because I was living under the motto of doing something new each day. Give it a go and let me know how you go.


  1. wooow that is awesome! i would love to try this especially when you said that you've trid this! i thins it would be a really big fresh air to start it. thank you! :))

  2. Wow!
    A new year ahead and I am inspired - totally inspired!!
    I'd love to see your full list of 31 things - will you share?