There's an Owl on that Roof!

Images via diebmx's
Congratulations Charlie & Phine on Your BIG day!!! I have to gush and wish two very special people big hugs and kisses. It's their wedding today and this is where you will find me enjoying their old school tea party. I will try and post some pictures later as they have been super creative and I know you will plead and beg to see them. Anyway I thought they might like this post so I'm dedicating it to them. Oh plus it's Phine's birthday. So HAPPY WEDDING AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxxx


  1. this is in Barcelona...my heart city :-) xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  2. oh wow I was wondering where the location of la owl lived. xx

  3. The couple must really love owls, that must be why you dedicated these pictures to them. NO wonder. Well, that roof with a huge owl figure is such a neck-breaker. With its astonishing appearance, and huge, round eyes I’m sure it grabs everyone’s attention every time they pass by the structure, which leads to the exposure and appreciation of the upper part of the house.

    Randell Jeffries

  4. A huge owl up on the roof – it’s cute and such an attention grabber! May I know why you are dedicating this picture to Charlie and Phine? Whatever your reason is, I’m sure they did appreciate this and your effort as well.

    -Chantay Smithingell

  5. Who wouldn’t notice this owl up on the roof? It’s so huge that you won’t be able to help but stare at it! By the way, where is this one located?