More Than A Paper Bag!

Well Anya Hindmarch's 'Im Not A Plastic Bag' has just been pushed aside. Say HELLO to Paris designer Saskia Diez's Paiper Bags. Made out of a synthetic paper that is extremely light but at the same time extremely robust. Waterproof, tearproof and100% recyclable. The only downside to this stylish solution is the cost. Starting at 83 Euro it isn't making sustainable living very afordable. But if you are a designer for the High Street take note!!! I would love to pick up my groceries in such a bag and I know I'm not alone.  

Make sure you come back on Wendesday 7th April where I will be discussing "Design Before Fashion". If you love your home I know you will love this post. 

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Dogs Rule

Please tell me what this guy is thinking? 
Images via Weird Friends

Studio Job's Industrial Revolution!

I love bringing you the out there objects for the home and well I don't think I'm letting you down with these pieces. Artists Studio Job are currently exhibiting lamps suspended from bronze models of a crane and a wrecking ball at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London from now to 8th May 2010. I think a lot of young and erm older boys will love this in their space.

São Paulo's Take On Upcycling

Oh my gosh this is UPCYCLING to a new level! LOVE, LOVE this new work made in 100% recycled aluminum by São Paulo based design company Jahara Studio. Batucada is a collection of objects hammered and anodised that create a special sort of liquid feel to metal. All pieces are laser signed Jahara Studio/ 2010.

Showing at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this April head designer Brunno Jahara is a name to watch on your radar. Studying under the guidance of Spanish superstar, Jaime Hayon, Brunno's designs mix organic shapes with tropical inspiration and humour. This range is really making my heart thump and I know exactly where the blue range would sit in my home. The design world really is becoming an exciting place regarding the future of sustainable living.

Sunday Gang

Brighton based photographer Patrick Holderness captures friendship perfectly. Carefree, easy and fun. With the sun shining, an outdoor space and people to share time with sums up everything that makes my heart thump with happiness. I was watching on TED the other day how people who surround themselves within a community, friendship and family are guaranteed a longer, healthier and happier life. 

I have been a lousy friend over the last 12months and looking at Patrick's photos it reminds me I need to hop on a train or bike and visit those who I adore and love. Life gets so busy sometimes and sacraficing those dear to us happens so easily. Well my heart is saying Ms Talbot sort it out... If I am close to you and you're reading this post I want to say - I MISS YOU!!!

It's Not Just Me Anymore!

The design-savvy crowd that you are I'm sure will make no sacrifices when it comes to your children. Consider opting for furniture that is tactile, colourful, nostalgic and fun. Tree bookcase by Design Artist; Early Rider bicycle by Strawberry Children's Toys; Eames Elephant by Vitra; Alphabet drawers by Kent and London; Mini Togo by Ligne Roset

I have been pondering about Valeria Lazareva's photos for sometime now. A few of my friends have had babies lately and I have watched them change over night. While I'm worrying about work, clothes, haircuts and not seeing my fiance or friends enough they are focused on one little being. 

It got me thinking how our view to our home changes when we have children. I believe what we buy for the home, how it is set up and the meaning of home all changes. Suddenly the home must become a place that needs to be set up where your child can grow, be safe, have stimulation and be a place they know they can always come too. Unlike my home which is set up for dinner parties, socialising, TV watching and listening to music. When purchasing products for the home it's no longer an Ikea impulse buy but pieces that reflect you and who you want your child to be. Whether it’s fashion, furniture or technology it's extensions of your own aesthetic preferences and keeping with your  home style.There are so many stylish options now for children. But I guess you need to make sure you have a balance between kid chic and a haven of fun. 

I would love to hear from you about how your idea of home has changed since you had kids

Recession Design

The recession may be over (fingers crossed) but making do, do it yourself, being frugal stingy or perhaps saving costs is thriving. Yep it's become more and more obvious as I browse blogs, Etsy, websites and magazines you are all hungry in knowing how can I make that! From hanging a quirky coat hook to growing your own vegies at home to baking the perfect cake has consumed us all. The credit card is staying in the wallet and the electric screwdriver is coming out. Goodbye flatpacks hello manual books? 

As discussed on Icon Eye there were no products in the Recession Design exhibition in Milan during the Salone back in April, just a set of instructions for visitors to pick up so they could make the products themselves.

The exhibition was one of the few shows in Milan organised by a group of Italian designers. While the overall theme for the rest of the fair last year was refinement, the emphasis here was cheap and rough "because we think that in this period it's important to make design projects with no money", says graphic director Michelangelo Petralito – words that will no doubt fall better on consumers' ears than designers'.

Initiated by Italian architecture practice Pop Solid, the exhibition's 18 designers (mostly from Italy, but also Japan, Spain, Portugal and Serbia) each designed pieces that you could make with materials from your local DIY store. While the concept might be rough, each product was beautifully presented as a leaflet, with a seductive lifestyle photograph on the front, and a set of simple instructions on the reverse side. 

The paintbrush hook is my favourite and more of my speed. 

Jasper Morrison's Inspiration

Jasper Morrison one of my all time favourite designers specialises in debate, sustainability, simplicity and BRILLIANCE. I stumbled onto a little blog by Mr Morrison hidden away on the Vitra website. Each month he is posting an inspirational photo. It's so exciting to get a little snippet in how a designer begins his journey when creating his newest piece. Make sure you go and visit it here

Lets Make Some Memories

all photos by Steven Beckly
Steven Beckly is a photographer living and working in Toronto, Canada. He believes there is a beauty in everyday moments that normally go unnoticed. He doesn't like chocolate, but loves Oreos. He wishes he had a pet wolf and shares with us intimate pictures of him and his partner. I think most of us can relate to a time in our life where we think we have found the one, made house with each other to soon find after time that the va va voom has gone. It dosen't mean you don't love them but a little light comes on and well both of you know it isn't working. Some bleak statistics perhaps but I have posted them to show some of you who may be doing it tough that the odds to have an ever lasting relationship are rare:

·      50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce (Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri).

·      Among women that described themselves as happy, 49% said they were unhappy with their sex lives (Self magazine survey, 2010).

·      About one out of 10 married adults — or 12 percent — say that they typically sleep alone (National Sleep Foundation).

·      Unmarried women that have been cohabitating with men for 5 years or less have a 63% increased risk of obesity (University of North Carolina study).

·      Most cheaters – a whopping 60% -- have been in a relationship for at least five years. But 18% of newlywed women and 12% of newlywed men admitted to committing infidelity within the first year of marriage (British survey, 2005).

·      Only 29 percent of women report that they’re able to achieve orgasm during sex (National Health and Social Life Survey).

·      Just a month of cohabitation decreases the quality of a couple’s relationship (Penn State study).

·      Fifteen to 20% of married couples report being in a sexless marriage (Newsweek).

      ·      Nearly 50% of men admit to being unfaithful at some time in their lives         (MSNBC survey).

Bathing in a Bubble Bath

Water is an increasingly precious commodity and as we start to learn to respect it the ritual of bathing will become more precious to us. The bathroom is the only room where we are justified in being alone. I really do think we need to rethink how we design our bathroom. Your bathing boudoir should be geared to provide indulgent purifying pampering. We in the WEST focus on the hygine side of bathing rather than pleasure. Consider Turkey with their bathing houses, the Japanese onsen and of course the sauna in Switzerland. Our bodies deserve to be touched, pampered, rejuvinated. Bathing for me is life's superior sensations. Have you ever considered to install a steamer? Steaming is BLISS - it combines health and pleasure. According to Chinese medicine, a steam rids the body of viruses and bacteria. However if you don't have the space or cash for a steamer one thing we can all realate too when we are exhausted is a bubble bath mentally revives us. I love to bathe in the evening so my favourite potion for bubbles is Alexandra Soveral's 'Sleepy Head' Bath and body oil. What's your?