Karl Lagerfeld - House Tour

One-thousand-eight-hundred-and-twenty-five days is how long it took me to convince Karl Lagerfeld to let the world have a SnOOp inside his Paris home. Emails and phone-calls more emails and phone calls to Mr Lagerfeld's office concluded that his press team, in 2008, ended up feeling sorry for me and decided to mail me the BEST parcel I have ever received. No it wasn't a Chanel handbag it was a disk containing images shot by our generations fashion design icon of his new Paris home.

What Happened This Weekend - Pays Respect To Those In Japan

"My mother came over and gave me my childhood toy rabbit that I left in my family home. I love this guy,"says artist Mambo Key
"I travel a lot with my work so when I'm home I like to sit still and make things. I created Dandelion Bottle this weekend," says Daisuke Matsumura
"I decided this weekend I was going to take the time to think and rest. I wore this t-shirt to remind me" says TEPPEI
 "I have got so obsessed with drawing mustache's lately I'm putting them on anything I can get my hands onto" says model Aoiyuu
 "I can't believe how fast my son is growing up. He is like a little man now and likes to entertain himself at the dining table by reading and drawing," says Hideaki Hamada

This is a very small mark of respect of the tragic events happening in Japan. "What Happened This Weekend" is the opportunity to celebrate the love people have for their homes.  Some of my favourite contributors over the last year have come from Japan so to think how their lives have be turned upside down and what they are emotionally and physically going through right now breaks my heart.  I know some of our contributors are OK but others I'm not so sure. Please, please support the relief work happening in Japan. 

Here are some organisations providing amazing support

What I Love --- David Nicholls - Design Editor - Telegraph Magazine

The Telegraph newspaper is one of the UKs largest selling broadsheets and each Saturday readers look forward to browse through the magazine supplement. As the Telegraph Magazine's Design Editor, David writes about the best design for the home. He is always bang on with his choices.To find out more about Reiko visit here.

This is the end of our series "What I Love".  It has been such a treat to have some of the most inspiring editors from the best shelter magazines from across the globe being a guest on SnOOp. This series has gone way beyond the beautiful and pretty. Suzanne, Sam, David C, Michael, Paul, Alice and David N have shared design ideas to provoke us to think, make us aware of tradition and craft and to appreciate quality.

I really hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. As Paddy McGuinness would say... "If you don't likey don't wrtiey"... But if you have loved it then please leave a comment and let us know.

What I Love --- Alice Rawsthorn - Design Critic - International Herald Tribune

I recently rated Alice Rawsthorn as one of 10 Influential Women In Design so it's a real honor to have her contributing to SnOOp and sharing with us what her favourite piece of design is for this spring. I love how she has chosen a book.  To find out where to purchase this wonderful book  "I swear I use no art at all: 10 years, 100 books, 18,788 pages of book design" by Dutch book designer Joost Grootens visit 010 Publishing

Tomorrow is our last day of "What I Love Series" and we finish with David Nicholls, Design Editor, from The Telegraph Magazine.

What I Love --- Paul Lowe - Editor - Sweet Paul

 Sweet Paul Magazine has become an online sensation. Beautiful styling combined with great photography, mixed with scrumptious recipes is why we all flock to this free online magazine. Paul Lowe is proof you can make dreams happen... 

Hermes if you see this post help Paul out with this bag 

Tomorrow on SnOOp is Alice Rawsthorn, design critic of the International Herald Tribune
See Suzanne Imre - Livingetc -  Editor - spring favourite
See Sam Grawe - Dwell - Editor-in-Chief - spring favourite
See David Clark - Vogue Living - Editor - spring favourite
See Michael Boodro - ELLE Decor - Editor-in-Chief - spring favourite

What I Love --- Michael Boodro - Editor in Chief - ELLE Decor

 I'm really loving Michael Boodro's editorship on ELLE Decor. He had some big shoes to fill and in my opinion he fits into them perfectly. The magazine and website is looking fantastic. Make sure you visit Bernhardt Interiors

Tomorrow on SnOOp our very much loved Paul Lowe from Sweet Paul magazine will be visiting. 

See Suzanne Imre - Livingetc -  Editor - spring favourite
See Sam Grawe - Dwell - Editor-in-Chief - spring favourite
See David Clark - Vogue Living - Editor - spring favourite

What I Love --- David Clark - Editor- Vogue Living

Visit Michael Hansmeyer to see more

I want to take this opportunity to say from the United Kingdom how proud I am as an Australian of Vogue Living. It doesn't matter where I go in the world everyone I know loves this magazine. Architects, designers and photographers all love to be featured in it.  It's intelligent, aspirational, confident and balances international and local talent perfectly. I rate it as one of the best interior magazines in the world.

I hope you're enjoying this series. This is such a rare and amazing opportunity for us to have a little insight into the creative personalities who produce our favourite interior magazines located in one spot. One of my goals is helping to bridge the gap between interior magazines and design blogs. I have done the legwork in asking the editors to contribute but it's up to you guys to comment and let us know what you think.

Tomorrow Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief from ELLE Decor will be here

What I Love --- Sam Grawe - Editor In Chief - Dwell

I'm such a huge fan of Dwell magazine and this issue is fantastic. Make sure you get a copy. Something you may not know about Sam... He has a cat called Eero. Want a little more inspiration from British designer, Jasper Morrison? Then check out what's on his blog and make sure you check out this thought -provoking magazine cover by him. Don't forget to check out Magis.

What a treat SnOOpers! Everyday this week editors from some of the world's most loved shelter magazines are giving us some time to share what they're currently loving. Please let them know here what you think of their product choice and let this be a chance for you to shout out to them some big SnOOp love. 

Tomorrow David Clark, Editor, from Australian Vogue Living will be dropping by.
Did you catch yesterday Suzanne Imre, Editor from Livingetc, the UK's best selling modern interiors magazine's,  choice?  

What I Love --- Suzanne Imre - Editor Livingetc

I don't know about you but I'm already in love with the beginning of this very special series "What I Love". Make sure you check out Livingetc here. You can find your closest Hermes Bleus d’Ailleurs collection here. 

All this week on SnOOp editors from some of the world's most loved shelter magazines are taking some time out to share with us what they currently love. Please let them know here what you think of their product choice and let this be a chance for you to shout out to them some big SnOOp love. 

Tomorrow Sam Grawe, Editor-in-Chief, from Dwell will be dropping by. 

IKEA Livet Hemma

Did you guys know about IKEA's blog called Livet Hemma? It means 'life at home'. I'm not ashamed to say I  love the IKEA brand (designers don't hate me for this statement) because they get  how we really live at home and embrace that. They consider the challenges we face when decorating including storage, cost, functionality, mobility and the want to have a modern stylish home. The one hurdle they face is more and more customers want individuality and quality and lets face it you're not going to get that at IKEA. Or can you?  IKEA's Livet Hemma want to show us how our mass produced product can be one-of-a-kind.  

New York Loft - House Tour

New York Loft                                                                                                   
Photos by Richard Powers
Have you guys discovered Scribd yet? OMG! Super cool. It's a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Scribd's vision is to liberate the written word. The best thing is after you upload your pdf you can embed it to your blog. Check it out and get publishing.

To check out more of Jonny Detiger's designs and artwork visit here. 

What I Love --- Series

 Hey SnOOpers... I am really excited about next weeks posts and I think you may be too. Editors from some of our favourite interior magazines will be sharing with us on SnOOp what their favouirte spring designs are.

If you love Australian Vogue Living, ELLE Decor, Dwell, International Herald Tribune, Livingetc, Sweet Paul and The Telegraph Magazine then this is your chance to say hi to the editors of those publications. I promise they will be coming to visit... So shout a BIG SnOOp love to them....  and let them know how we need more support from them.

10 Influential Women In Design - International Women's Day

Happy hundredth birthday to International Women's Day! Here's some of SnOOps favourite women in design
This image is of (the wonderful) iconic American architect, planner and teacher Denise Scott Brown in 1966 when
 she was (literally) learning from Las Vegas. SnOOped over at Alice Rawsthorn Facebook page. 

These days Ilse Crawford is best known as the designer behind Soho House in New York and founding head of Department for Man and Well-Being at the world-renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. Before that she was the pioneering magazine editor, at British Elle Decoration. Ilse brings integrity and humanity into design. Her pioneering vision in combining modern living, emotion and beautiful photography to interior magazines is what made me fall in love and discover the work I do now. She is one of my BIGGEST design heros. Her design values in being fascinated by what drives us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel alive is SnOOp gospel.  AWSOME Ilse is always found wearing heels that even fashionistas envy. 
Spanish-born, Milan-based Patricia Urquiola is one of the most active and exciting designers working today. Trained as an architect she has designed some of the most poetic and practical furniture of the 21st-Century. Her designs for B&B Italia, Foscorini, Flo, Moroso, Cappellini, Kartell and Knoll are just a few super-brands under her belt.  
Ray Eames is the wife of Charles. I don't think one designer on the planet today can say they haven't been influenced by their work?  Charles and Ray designed some of the most important examples of 20th century furniture, they also created ingenious children's toys, puzzles, films, and architecture. SnOOp hopes one day to feature the Eames House.   After reading An Eames Primer , by grandson Eames Demetrios, it was obvious Ray was the rock and strength to the Eames family and studio
Alice Rawsthorn is the Design Critic of the International Herald Tribune and a columnist for the New York Times. This is the lady you want writing about you and your designs. From 2001 to 2006, Alice was Director of the Design Museum in London and, before then, an award-winning journalist with the Financial Times, working as a foreign correspondent in Paris and pioneering the FT’s coverage of the creative industries. Alice over the years has been responsible for introducing cutting edge design concepts into mainstream press, including social design, critical design, design for public services and eco-design to mention a few. She sports the best bob in the business. 
The fact is this very cool and super-stylish lady Rossana Orlandi is the woman that can make an up-and-coming designer into a household name. She is owner of Milan design store Spazio Rossana Orlandi - an annual highlight of the Milan fair for editors, buyers and trend-forecasters who find it makes for a somewhat more relaxed viewing environment than the packed halls of the Salone itself. Rossana makes it her mission to discover all that's new and original in the world of design .

 If you have a design brand you want to launch internationally or you're a serious design journalist then Judy Dobias, Managing Director, of Camron PR is a very important lady you need to know. . Judy's clients come from many fields: design, interiors, art, food, fashion, publishing, travel and luxury.  You could say her agency has design in it's bloodstream and retail on the brain. She has a cracking Canadian accent and is always super lovely to chat too.
Interior designer Kelly Wearstler is queen of colour and has an enchanting take on luxury lifestyle. Her sunny, funny remastering of mid-century modernism has redefined West Coast style. She has become one of America's most influential designers and now the fashion world are embracing her. Kelly's more-is-more vibrant style has overlapped into her fashion taste and she is about to launch her own Weastler Ready-To-Wear collection.
Want your product, book or magazine to express the mood, feeling and emotion you think it deserves then you 
need to book photographer Ditte Isager. Her clients include Anthropologie, Gourmet Traveller, Martha Stewart, Gordan Ramsay, Vogue Living and British ELLE Decoration. 
One of the worlds most renowned trend-forecasters Li Edelkoort analyses moods, fashions and feelings and translates them into trends. As an industry consultant, she has a huge impact on what the products of tomorrow will be. Li's magazines, View on Colour, INview and Bloom have been highly influential in the creative industries for nearly two decades. More recently, her work has evolved into the realms of education at the Design Academy Eindhoven where she was Chairwoman from 1999 to 2008, humanitarianism within the Heartwear craft foundation she co-founded in 1993, and curatorial work as she delves into the art and design domain, illuminating museums and exhibits around the world. 

Who would you include on this list? We would love to know 

Joy Of Living by Max Fraser

It is all about the Joy of Living and in this case giving. Design author Max Fraser has recieved amazing support from the leading lights of the design community with his newest project in helping raise money for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres. He has asked new and established UK designers to create artwork that expresses the Joy of Living – all starting from a simple sheet of A4 graph paper. The artwork will be showcased at Somerset House from 15-21 March.
Sir Terence Conran, Tom Dixon, Rob Ryan, John Pawson, Max Lamb, Tord Boontji and Ella Doran are just a few names who have answered the call to action and produced artworks that embody the Joy of Living. All artwork is priced at £250 and is signed but the catch is you will not know if your artwork is a household name or rising star until after you purchase it. Habitat have kindly sponsored frames for the artwork so you will be able to hang your masterpiece straight onto the wall.
This is a highly personal project for Max , “After a very personal, emotional journey as I supported my mother through her six-year battle with cancer, I vowed to contribute in some way to mankind’s fight against this disease. Maggie’s recognises that building an atmosphere of calm and celebrating a good quality of life are immensely beneficial to patients, and I know that my
mother would have benefited so positively from its services. Charity founder Maggie Keswick Jencks once said, “Above all
what matters is not to lose the joy of living in the fear of dying,” and this statement has inspired the design challenge and
Joy of Living project.”
Max Fraser said, “The time and commitment that so many designers have already pledged to the Joy of Living project is
truly amazing, and I hope that together, and with the further support of the design industry, we can raise our target funds
to back the brilliant work that Maggie’s does around the country.”
"All I thought when producing these artworks was Love, Love, Love. When my dad was going through everything I know it was the support that mattered the most," Anonymous Designer Until Artwork is Sold.

To know more watch this very moving interview with Max Fraser about the project 

What Happened This Weekend

"I took my daughter to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A and then we made some pancakes" says Karine, Creative Director of BODIE and FOU Photo by: Cortoboy
"My mother came over and gave me my childhood toy rabbit that I left in my family home. I love this guy,"says artist Mambo Key
"I play the drums like I don't have neighbours. I do have them though :-)," says photographer Sannah Kvist
"In London the best place to hang our washing is on the radiators around the apartment.  I love it when I put my clean sheets on my bed after they have been drying on a radiator. It's like snuggling into a warm hug. You will always find sheets and clothes hanging out to dry all over the apartment on weekends,"says Yann Faucher 

If you would like to take part in this series, What Happened This Weekend, then send SnOOp an email including picture and your news and we will try to include it next week