Senior Design Factory

Zurich-based association the Senior Design Factory teams up groups of people, young and old, to take part in creative projects together. The first branch of the project, comprising a studio, workshop and retail space, opened in March, while the second branch is set to include a small restaurant and is scheduled to open this summer.
The project is the brainchild of designers Debora Biffi and Benjamin Moser, who have been developing the concept together since 2008. Designers taking part range in age from mid-twenties to ninety.

Walking sticks by Omhu
The Factory runs regular knit and stitch workshops where participants can exchange and develop skills, using their new knowledge to create items for the Senior Design Factory's shop. Products on offer include recipe cards, knitted tableware and stylish walking sticks designed by Danish brand Omhu.

How To Live with Colour

FACT: I love colour... But for me when I use bold colours I like to combine them with natural materials. TIP: I believe by matching loud colours with natural fibers your object or space will not yell but engage.
Egg box by Marie Paysant-Le Roux
Egg box by Marie Paysant-Le Roux
Photo by Lala Ladcani
Hanging basket by Smalltown; Future fiber SnOOPed on Laerke Hooge Andersen
What I'm trying to say is natural materials don't need to be in beige. Dulux believes in this colour way so much they have called their shades of imperial purple and peaceful greens Champion, Virtuous, Immortal and Funk

A wonderful friend of mine who is a superstar makeup & hair artist and was Kylie Minogue's assistant many moons ago recently told me "beige is the colour of indecision". It's my favourite quote of the year so far... POWERFUL!

Prada F/W 2012 Advertising Campaign Inspires Interiors

So, looking for new inspiration for your next interiors project? 
Well Hello! Check out Prada's new F/W 2012 ad campaign. I love, love the graphics mixed boldly with the clash of patterns and textures. Don't even get me started about how delicious the colour pallete is. Don't you think the silver trimming on the dusky pink walls are a stroke of genius. My advice to you is Be Brave , Be Bold and remember to invite me over for a cocktail when you are done. Happy decorating