Ryue Nishizawa Brings the Outdoors In

I love the idea of this house: The floor to ceiling curtain being used as a wall to divide the outdoors with the inside is an inspiring solution when you live in a hot and sunny climate: I really enjoy homes that include the outsdie. Big windows, outdoor rooms, small use of materials and simplistic architecture which can continually adjust to my everchanging family lifestyle is what I find important for the space I live in.

CINQ - Japenese Shopping

I adore CINQ's tabletop collection capturing the essence of Japanese table settings. What do you need to consider for this look. 
  •  Simplicity
  • Handmade
  • Natural Materials
  • Subtle Personalisation
  • Nostalgia

Bring Life Into Your Home

'Concept Leaf' by Vista Wallpapers

 1. Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc; 2. Julio Radesca de Carvalho from Design Academy Eindhoven; 3. Woolly Pocket; 4. Come Wind Come Rain
 1. Angus; 2. Grow Little 3. Vertical Wall by Patrick Blanc; 
1. Bloom Mag from Trend Union via Busy Being Fabulous; 2. Grow Little
  • The path to a better world isn't through pavers but via plants, says artist and Woolly Pocket founder Miguel Nelson. "I love architecture but I think if everyone was gardening instead of building, things would be better better. I think we were put on Earth to garden".
  • Indoor air pollution is far more toxic than outdoor pollution. Designers are using plants to help purify the air by filtering air that has been contaminated by manufactured goods. 
  • Julio Radesca de Carvalho discovered that twelve house plants per person would be enough to filter the air indoors. A dozen of three very ordinary species – the areca palm, the sansevieria and the epipremnun aureum – can keep us alive even in a completely closed space. 
  • The Vertical Garden can be implemented outdoors or indoor in any climatic environment. The plants don't require soil to grow. 
  • It is possible for plants to grow on nearly soilless vertical surfaces as long as there is no permanent water shortage.

Turn Your Flick'r Photos Into A Design Icon

It really is time to start using those pictures you have been uploading to Flick'r. 

 It excites me how craft, DIY is capturing this extraordinary time in design history. With the online obsession of Flick'r and blogs it is a no brainer that we are seeing young designers expressing this online past-time in their designs. Textile designer Dorte Agergaard  known for her use of digital printing is inspired by everyday objects that are rearranged and placed in a new context, playing with our notions of normality  "I'm fascinated by ordinary things which surround us in everyday life," says Dorte. 
"Throughout design history we have embellished and marked objects to capture the time it was made. This is something we wanted to explore more through our designs" says Stefan Baijings.

Adding digital printing to your textiles or furniture is a fantastic way to update the bland and the boring.

If you do make sure you share them with us.

Digital Florals - Trend Alert

Digitally printed florals are emerging everywhere from fashion to our home. Wall coverings and furnishing fabrics are exploding with colour and vitality. New technology is giving designers the opportunity to revolutionise how we have the humble flower in our home. 

Karen Ryan's Words

I can't but think Karen Ryan's plates tell a story about how a lot of us feel about BP right now.

The Huber Experiments - Vol 1

Just when you think you have seen it all - well you haven't. Great inspiration for dinnerware and glassware.