The Horror of Ebay

The evil side of Ebay is not only theft identity, sleazy thieves and buy it now. Oh no. The other scary story the online auction house likes to keep secret is the people who are creatively selling last year's Halloween costumes. Lets just say you can't get away with the quote "only in America" this time UK and Aussie folk. You have all been caught out. Bahhhahhahah! 

Batman starting bid $1000.00

Michael Myers Starting bid £20.00

Darth Vader: Starting Bid $4.99

The Incredibles: Starting Bid $62.00

Fat Ballerina $18.50

Scary Face: Starting Bid £0.99

Pirate: Starting Bid £0.99

Duck: Starting Bid $1.00

Dragon: Starting Bid $9.99

Clown: Starting Bid £5.99

Jester: Starting Bid £10.50 (Sorry has anyone else noticed how she blends in with the interiors?)

Super Mario: Starting Bid $35.00

Joker: Starting Bid £20.00

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Omg! This is so adorable, I was just thinking of a great halloween costume! I would want the fat ballerina costume