Fusion Tea Set by SARAH DE RUIJTER

How can you not adore Sarah de Ruijter's new Fusion tea set collection. The recent graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven's  aim is to connect different cultures with the very traditional ritual of serving tea

As early as during the 17th century, the Dutch East Indian Company VOC introduced tea to our country. And yet there is not much of a tea-drinking culture in the Netherlands. Something which the different groups of immigrants do have. Each group has its own customs. Sarah de Ruijter sees tea as something to connect people: serving tea is a marker of hospitality and mutual respect. She has designed a tea set in which Turkish, Moroccan, Chinese, Polish, Surinamese and Indonesian elements combine to form a new tea drinking culture. With copper and porcelain as common factors, this set subtly displays characteristics from six different cultures. Fusion allows the user to keep up traditional rituals or to invent a completely new tea ceremony.

Dedo Message Board

The Dedo message board provides an easy, intuitive, and fun way to express ideas, leave messages and play, just by simply dragging your finger through the fur… It functions both as a basic communication device and a decoration piece. It offers a much more appealing way to leave a message and converting it into a statement, bringing in a whole new dimension of personalisation and communication to the domestic environment. Link here.

Illuminate your world with LED colour changing lights.

    Feelings are Facts by Olafur Eliasson and Ma Yansong                        Bassam El Okeily Photographed by Tim van de Velde 
SnOOp looks at the growing trend of mood-enhancing LED lighting, dedicated to home “sanctuary”. It focuses on wellness and relaxation inside your home    
               Stocco Bathrooms                                              Blurred Vision by Prose Studio
       Townhouse Street                                              SOPOPULAR ss / 2010
Blurred Vision by Prose Studio                                                            ELLE Decoration August 2008
Townhouse Street                                                            SOPOPULAR ss / 2010
Bassam El Okeily Photographed by Tim van de Velde                                           Blurred Vision by Prose Studio
Designers are exploring how colour and lighting inside the home can improve our wellbeing and daily health. If you are stressed opt for calming blue or if you're feeling sick glowing pink could be better than an asprin. Here are some key reasons to consider mood-enhancing LED lighting for your home:
  • Creates a cool and refreshing space. Pastels and white are combined with subtle shine evoke a mood of contemporary cleanliness.
  • Light therapy is used to bathe you in a rainbow of therapeutic colored LED light. Hues include relaxing blue and refreshing green, each with its own therapeutic qualities
  • LED Increases emotion and vitality
  • Deeply  colourful and reflective. Bold hues tempt you to indulge in the mood of sensuality.
  • The healing pink LED creates an ambience of tranquility