The Great Escape

Mirjam Bleeker is one Dutch photographer I would commission in a heart beat. Mirjam's curiosity and open minded style establishes a real connection with the subjects of her work. Her images capture the character of the the people and the cultures she photographs displaying their lifestyles, folklore and their interiors. Many of Mirjam's productions have been in collaboration with her long time collegue, artist and stylist, Frank Visser. Here they travelled to Chile's stunning El Yali nature reserve to visit a family who searched out a back-to-basics rustic retreat.

All photo's by Mirjam Bleeker


  1. I love these photos. I'm very much a city girl, but they give me the strong desire to live in the middle of nowhere. gorgeous!!

  2. These photos are amazing. Just looking at them makes me feel relaxed and at home.
    Thanks for sharing them!