The Golden Rabbit

I want to introduce a very dear friend of mine.  Boing, Boing, Boing. It's a little golden ceramic rabbit made by fashion designer Paul Smith.

I bought him for my boyfriend a few years ago for Easter. We love him but our friends hate him. "What is THAT or haven't you decided to smash it yet" are generally their remarks when they visit. Every time they voice their dislike I scratch my head and think but I really love him. Ok yes I like to be surrounded by a little hint of bling so I get why some purists would not enjoy Mr Smith's bunny.

However, he will always have pride of place in our house and it could be easy to hide him in a less obvious place but why? This rabbit has meaning to me and I hope oneday my friends will recognise that.  I have no doubt a lot of you will feel the same as my friends. Perhaps the word going through your head is YUCK! But I guess what I'm trying to say is this rabbit is a little bit of me. He holds a nice memory, he has travelled with us from home to home, and he was one of the first things my boyfriend and I bought together. So don't let other people's taste edit your taste. Stand up for the things you love in your home.


  1. Amanda, I love him! There is a current fascination with bunny motifs at the moment, of course, but that notwithstanding - this is gorgeous.
    Lisa T, Sydney

  2. Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing some love for the rabbit. Do you think bunny motifs are in at the moment becuase of Tim Burton's Alice in WOnderland?