Inside Mad Men

The nostalgic interiors are as fabulous and glamorous as the fashion

All pictures found on AMC website

Mad Men's production designer, Dan Bishop is responsible for the look of the show. He is the person who has made sure every detail regarding each era is not missed and which iconic piece of furniture, accessory or art appears when. Regarding how much interaction he has with costume designer Janie Bryant to ensure that neither the clothes nor the setting upstage each other?He states in an interview on AMC website

A: "In general, because the rooms and spaces are large, they occupy a big part of the frame and so I try not go too wild with the color. It can be overwhelming. I try to think like a painter and know where to put the focus. So if I use a color that's particularly strong, I talk to Janie. The Derby Day episode, the Kentucky Derby colors are green and white and some red as well. We let Janie know: There they are -- play against them as you will. It's also important to me to know if a scene is day or night, indoor or outdoors. Day light is cooler than interior incandescent light, so we take all that in mind".

With Season 3 set in 1963 Dan has tried to make things a bit more cluttered; there's a little less of a 1950s perfection going on.To help this look Dan has let a certain amount of distress on the sets live on rather than repairing it as they sometimes do. In my humble opinion the man is a master in research and an eye to long for. I can't wait to see his work in the next episode. Has anyone seen Dan's private home anywhere?

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