God Save The Animals

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season and I hope you survived Christmas day without too many family arguments. Come on admit it there's usually one door slamming throughout the day. Actually I had a row with my fiance, Ollie, on Christmas Eve... I know - so not festive. I feel red faced because I threw a strop at him  for leaving me all of his family presents to wrap. Poor form on my account especially when he cooked an amazing mustard glazed ham.

I have been thinking what has played a big part in my interior world for 2009 and well it has to be animal ornaments. I think it started when Jonathan Adler gave me one of his charcoal horse tray's in January. Now I'm addicted. Owls are a favourite but I'm starting to lean towards giraffe's and polar bear's.  Areaware have a fantastic collection of Ross Menuez's Fauna Pillows here. You can check out Hamleys here but if you are in London go and experience the store. See you tomorrow for the last post for 2009.... Wow. xxx

Cool Britannia

This fantastic wallpaper is from Wallpaper Space
I'm on a little break but I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Make sure to track santa as he makes his journey tonight in his sleigh. The North American Aerospace Defense Command will be keeping tabs on the bearded chap and children (and umm us) can get updates on Google Earth. Follow Santas progross at www.noradsanta.org.

Optical Storage

You can find Bjørn and Imeüble here

Hand Crafted Home

All pictures are from dottie angel click here

Living Wall

They give us a whole new way to think about how we contain our plants. Check out their photo gallery, and order here.

More Than A Bedroom

Super cool Nani Puspasari has transformed her Melbourne bedroom, filled with vibrant summer colours, into her artists studio.
I have tried something new with the blog today and it's turned out all fuzzy. Sorry guys... I will master this. Go and say hi to Nani over on her BLOG OR  ETSY SHOP

All Stitched Up

I had a lovely message in my inbox the other day from young British Illustrator Peter Crawley with a link to his website asking me to have a look. Talk about knowing how to put a smile on my face. Peter has moved way beyond using needle and thread to sort out a hemline for a new outfit.

He discovered his talent after a road trip across America. Not being able to select just one photograph to capture the essence of the trip, it became obvious for Peter it was the journey itself that should somehow be illustrated. Yep he stitched a road map detailing his journey. He soon developed his talent to architectural buildings. For information on how to purchase or commission pieces, get in touch here

Winter Wonderland

We had snow today! It was magic to look out the window and see everything covered in white fluffiness. It was like being captured inside a fairytale. Growing up in sunny Australia I'm useless walking on icy footpaths. An elderly lady with a walking stick wobbled past me when I was slipping and sliding to work. I hate to think what I looked like from behind. Anyone fancy a snow fight? 

Recycled Fashion

One guess what all these folks have in common in their homes!

all photos via Bouncing Soles group

Hot Metal

all images from Tumblr
Lets face it gold can't be ignored over Christmas... It's all about the bling bling at this time of year

Idea for Outdoor Entertaining

When a team of creative people get together with photographer Jessica Claire the result makes me dizzy with glee

 Thanks to glorious The Ever Dazzling for introducing
Please stand up and say BRAVO.  The winner for 2009 for being most beautiful and original table setting is this one.  I never thought I was a sucker for pastel colours... Well how wrong I was

Handmade Family Christmas Cards

Hands up - who has received a cringy family Christmas card this year? AND yes who of you are behind them?

All images by dan banda lee 
Actually I can't tell a lie...  I think they are BRILLIANT 

Home Alone

What do three girls do when they are on Christmas break and home alone? 

They let their imaginations run wild by dressing up and being silly. The result is breathtaking. The photographs are by the very talented 15-year-old Brit photographer Emillie Ferris who declares we inspire her... Well I'm glad we can help Emillie if it means she takes photos like this