Heineken Open Design Explorations Milan

If you are heading to Milan Design Week this April then you need to check out the unveiling of the Heineken Open Design Explorations future nightclub... 

The project offered 19 up-and-coming designers – chosen from Milan, New York, Sao Paulo and Tokyo, by world class design experts – an exciting opportunity to showcase their visionary take on club design on a world stage. Coming from a range of different disciplines – from interiors to fashion – the club is the conclusion of almost a year of discovery between the emerging designers, Heineken and input from clubbers all to create an exclusive environment that can now be experienced.

The Heineken concept club is designed to make the nightlife experience as enjoyable, social and memorable as possible. Over 100 clubbers from around the globe provided a range of questions for the designers to react to – such as creating an atmosphere, identifying yourself to the barman and leaving the club safely. Those insights challenged the designers to explore solutions to club design issues.

The venue will feature a flexible, origami-influenced structure, accommodating the flow of guests and an interactive bar. Lighting will be a key feature where by responsive surfaces and spaces at the venue will react with different lights to give a multitude of perspectives, encouraging social interaction between guests. Even the look of the clubbers’ Heineken bottles will change depending on the lighting. Concepts which encourage full participation and responsible consumption look to bring us an exciting result.