Rethink:The Way You Live Partners With Volkswagen

I was asked by Volkswagen to partner with them for the launch of their new award winning car UP! When they told me their launch name was RETHINK! Well how could I say no. It was a perfect fit for Rethink: The Way You Live. Here is a little video we did together.

RETHINK: The Way You Live Is Now Available

I can't believe this time has come. My book Rethink: The Way You Live is now available to purchase. It feels like forever when I started this project. 
From RETHINK: The Way You Live : Photo by Mikkel Vang
 Rethink: The Way You Live was born when I created this blog. It was here on SnOOp my attitude to design and how we live in our homes and community changed.
 It was on here I started to ask questions like can our kitchens be a living farm? Can we have a garden indoors? Do we only sleep in our bedrooms? Do we want a lo-fi life? Major trends have been uncovered on SnOOp way before we saw them in our media and many terms on SnOOp have been adopted by some of the worlds most respected trend forecasters. 
I'm so proud of my book Rethink: The Way You Live. It is a beautiful book but I should alert you now. This isn't your typical interior book filled with pretty pictures. This book I hope will challenge and inspire you to reconsider how you think about design and how so many of us all over the world want our homes to fit our family's lifestyle like a glove.  
From RETHINK: The Way You Live : Photo by Mikkel Vang
I really do hope you love it.
 You can purchase a copy here