Ideas For A Happy Home

 The best tip for a happy home is to have unexpected pieces that make you smile every time you use them

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SnOOp Friday

What Happened This Weekend

"This weekend I got up late" shares interiors journalist Kate Jacobs owner of the newest and most gorgeous location house in London. Check it out here
 "My parents told me they want to remove our vintage wallpaper from our wall. With winter coming this is my one escape to dream of sunny places. We have taken family photos in front of this wall since I can remember. I will be spending the rest of the week trying to convince them to keep it" says Alexey Lapin
"I'm looking for a swimming teacher (wouldn't say a coach) in Hawaii, Maui, just in case, I do float and swim on my back but can't breathe and also looking for a room to rent for about 3 months. cheers yeah. Aloha" says artist Hasisi Park
"My girlfriend has a really, really bad hangover. She believes putting refrigerated eggs on her temples helps to soothe the pain", says Davey Warren
 "I made a tooth of clay. I think I will make more, maybe a whole set. I have a thing for bodies right now. I also got drunk, but that's not such a pretty sight" says freelance photographer Sannah Kvist.
  "With a stuffy nose and sore throat, the weekend consisted of feeling very uncomfortable on this couch- probably making this girl feel more uneasy than I could have felt myself," says photographer Dimitri Karakostas.

SnOOp Friday

Beware The Moon Wallpaper

Tembea - Design in A Bag

I'm loving the simple but GORGEOUS Tembea canvas bag range. It's a nice alternative to the wicker basket

Switch by Yuko Shibata

As the number of people who work remotely continues to grow and the size of our homes keep shrinking, clever solutions are being created for the home office. Japanese designer Yuko Shibata created separate living and working areas in this Tokyo apartment by installing two mobile walls.
Called Switch, the project features one partition that slides out over the dining table to create a meeting room on one side and library on the other.
 The second bookcase pivots round at the end of the day to reveal a bedroom. It was the owner’ s intent that the floor plan could be changed to completely separate the living and office sections.

Images via Dezeen

Goodbye Cupcakes Hello Cookies

 Move over cupcakes there is a new eating sensation in town. Meet Cookieboy who is making um well cookies for the hip trendsetters in Japan
 Perfect for a press event to promote your latest design
 Wonderful ideas for weddings and birthdays
I love it that bespoke and handmade goods have even reached the humble cookie. I think the Cookie Monster would be proud to see the cookie back up there on the top list of yummy

Indoor Cats - A Happy Cat Makes A Happy Home

Love sometimes finds us in unexpected ways. With more of us working from home and as we spend more time on social media our contact with people is becoming less frequent. For many people they are finding companionship with indoor pets.

Photos by Deer Summer

If you don't really like cats but love dogs then click here

SnOOp Friday

Hideaki Hamada

More Than A Bed

James Merrell                                                                Tania Lёshkina
Liana Ivete Benke                                                                           Tiinai Tkonen
The Selby

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What Happened This Weekend

"I decided this weekend I was going to take the time to think and rest. I wore this t-shirt to remind me" says TEPPEI
 "We had some crappy weather this weekend so I tried to save some of our veggies we have grown over the summer" says Maxwell Tomlinson
"My Saturday morning ritual is to sit down and catch up with my magazine reading. I like to keep up to date with what's happening. Japanese magazine ppaper is my favourite" says Hero Topia
"I worked on some new portraits for my website. This has to be my favourite" says Yann Faucher
 "My girlfriend and I smooched on the couch all weekend" says photographer Charlie Engman
 "My brother made us pancakes. I sometimes think he loves our dog Niko more than me" says Kate Van Brocklin
"My sister had her friends over and they made feather headbands and then got me to photograph them", says Vitalik Melnikov
" Yeah not much happened I stayed home and played on the computer for most of the night" says Mikael Almehag

Wow. What an amazing weekend with you guys sharing photos of what you got up to. If you would like to take part in this series, What Happened This Weekend, then send SnOOp an email including picture and your news and we will try to include it next week