Tactile Textures For The Home

1. I'm addicted to Instagram 

2. I love visiting cafe Gypsy Espresso in Potts Point, Sydney for their bespoke blends of coffee and friendly staff who greet me with a smile and know my name. It's small but the interiors are warm & inviting for a winters day.

3. My mission is to get as many edible houseplants inside my pad. I've started with good old mint growing in a vintage Italian urn I picked up at Kings Cross market. Warning don't bother trying to barter at this market.

4. My new pad has like zero storage in the kitchen so at the moment I'm using my drawers to store my plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. The third drawer down is where I keep some of my plates. If you haven't guessed yet I'm a sucker for Japanese ceramics.

5. I'm in love with enormous pods I'm seeing all over Sydney footpaths which have fallen from the city trees. I'm a little frightened one will fall on me. Meanwhile though whist casualty free I will continue to enjoy and be inspired by them. 

6. This plaque is in my hood and I walk over it every day. It sums up the area perfectly.

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  1. Ooh thanks for the tip about Gypsy Espresso in Potts Point, I will have to check it out! The pods are pretty cool too, I love seeing covering the footpath :)