Don't Worry Now Be Happy

 I'm letting you into a secret. I'm trying to get my second book deal. This is a risk in sharing this secret but I may as well start the words here... a place that has brought me a lot of joy... a place that led me onto the path for my first book deal. The book is called HAPPY. I'm on a quest to search and walk on the path again asking myself do I need to RETHINK what this word, HAPPY, means to me and those around the world? I'm asking how can the definition be translated into our homes so we can create personal and public environments that can positively shift our moods and wellbeing?  OK no puking allowed and please don't feel like you need to punch me because I'm trying to be all positive like. Stick with me. 
I had a mega light bulb moment when I finished my book 'RETHINK: The Way You Live' - after meeting all the amazing and inspiring people I interviewed in the book I realised we may take different paths but it is for one purpose ---- so we can find happiness --- so we can be happy.
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The current times have been serious and many of us have done and are doing it tough. Design over the last few years, has been modest, paired back, sustainable and the rediscovery of the artisan. My book ‘RETHINK: The Way You Live’ is filled with what I’m describing. (have you pr-ordered a copy yet? :-)))
We are tired in seeing and hearing about doom and gloom. We are looking for positive ideas to lift our spirits. 
 Photo by Sayaka Minemura
My job is to always look ahead and dig deeper and follow the mind set of how we are doing and keeping an eye on what we want. My aim is to keep us developing spaces and product that are relevant  to us. 
‘Macarena Social – CyberCentre’ by Spanish architects MedioMundo
The design world is famous for being serious but we the humble consumer are exhausted with the hard times. We are looking for people, places, objects, more than ever, to make us smile and laugh.
Photo by Carina Hsu
Research proves laughter can cure depression and illness. It is also proven those of us who smile are more likely to live longer than those who don’t.
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You get it when you win a race and lose it when you get laid off. Governments put it in their policies, preachers in their sermons, writers at the end of their stories. Scientists say they’ve found it on the left side of the brain. Pursuing it, Americans spend US$20 billion a year on self-help and
antidepressants. But wealth isn’t working: people in the West are twice as rich as they were sixty years ago, depression will be the biggest health burden in the world. Joy, euphoria,
satisfaction, tranquillity, triumph. It comes in many forms.
 So for now my fellow SnOOper's keep coming back to visit and follow my findings on HAPPY.   Perhaps, just perhaps architects and designer when approaching their next project will ask the same questions I will be exploring and produce holistic buildings that will bring those who occupy it with joy. 
Glanthel Park, Glasgow by Lisa McCartney
"When you worry you make it double... Don't worry - Be Happy Now!" - Brian McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy.
Happy pillow by Lala Ladcani
"When you worry your face will frown and that will bring everyone down"-  Brian McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy.
Storm Watching By Dell Stewart
So what do you reckon?  Do you like the idea for my new book? If yes let me know and help support me for book number 2. :-)

Who else is sharing tips on happiness this week?

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  1. this sounds like a wonderful project, you're doing good work for the world! we share a similar mentality i think too, by the sounds of this. if i can help in anyway just get in touch.

    just added the book to my wish list

  2. Thanks Mat for your kind words and how exciting you added Rethink to your wish list :-)xxx

  3. As I am lounging in the center Rome while my friend is playing the piano and I happened to come across your marvelous idea in the midst of my own personal euphoria.
    Fantastic idea!
    Please, keep me updated on the progress!

  4. Ok Shayna... I am not slightly envious right now reading you are in Rome listening to a friend playing their piano. Thanks for the thumbs up. I will absolutely keep you posted. x

  5. I love this book idea - the role design (in its various guises) can play in happiness is not often properly explored. And many people in the design industry are reluctant to identify with words like 'happiness' let alone something like love or beauty.

  6. What a fabulous idea. And I cannot wait to buy your first book. It is all about where my family and I are right now - redundancies, small children, inflexible work places. But I go home to my Adelaide suburban house and look at how fortunate I am with happy boys, a large vegie and herb garden, chooks and be thankful that being happy is not dependent on how much (or how little) money we have. It is all about letting go of the ideals held (mostly by the previous generation) and taking a deep breath.

  7. What an excellent idea, I'd love to read that book. I agree that so many other things we focus on (having more money, wonderful relationships, beautiful homes, and satisfying jobs) are really just part of our larger quest for happiness - but not necessarily helping us to get there. Happy writing.

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  10. I love the idea. I always end up designing bright, off-beat and slightly, um...mental interiors. Even when I set out to do something serious and sleek and grown-up, it never turns out that way. I love me a happy home! Good luck with the idea. Can't wait to see Rethink in the shops. I'll be buying.

  11. Excited to see your new book! The world needs a lot more Happiness.

    (by the way, it's Bobby McFerrin)

    1. Bobby if this is really you I would love to send you a copy of Happy when it's published next year in September. My email is amanda (at) snoopglobal.com .

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  13. I love this idea and hope to read it soon.