Removable wall decal by Wall Sticker Company has stirred up a whole lot of emotions

Grace Lee Kitchen removable wall decal by The Wall Sticker Company

Abandoned workshop on Cockatoo Island, Sydney Photo by SnOOp
When I recently spotted the Grace Lee Kitchen removable wall decal by The Wall Sticker Company a whole lot of nostalgic memories came flooding back. I'm not usually a huge fan of wall decal's but this one has really resonated with me. I guess this is what design is often about. We include objects that have meaning into the space we call home.   

 I'm a person who needs my life to be uncomplicated. I like order. I hate confrontation and drama. I'm creative so of course things can get chaotic but I'm a massive believer in everything should have a place. Something I'm always preaching to my other half. He rarely listens but I preach away - He prefers to call it nagging.

I think the obsession came from my granddad. I would spend hours with him as a young girl in his shed helping him (well I thought I was helping) make wonderful objects from wood. He was always military-like in ordering me to put away tools where I had found them. One of my favourite projects we worked on together was transforming one of my old banged up surfboards into a freestanding bookshelf. My fiberglass orange surfboard with reclaimed timber shelves was more precious to me than what a Tiffany's jewel is to me today. It had pride of place in my teenage bedroom.

In my grandads shed he had a wall with shadow drawings of his prized and somewhat expensive tools so we knew where to put them at the end of the evening. I found a wonderful example of this in an abandoned shed a few weeks ago. It brings so many wonderful memories back to me. This was a time for me when my life was simple. I didn't have to worry about bills, work, clients and deadlines. It was just about making beautiful things and spending quality time with my favourite man in the world.

I am rambling this week :-) 


  1. i agree initially, i like everything to go and do what it's suppose to do. so much so I based my final project at uni around the saying "a place for everything and everything in its place". i'm not usually fussed about wall stickers but they seem very charming to me. not keen on ones with birds on ect

    my grandad wasn't creative but he was a footballer so i have memories on him taking me down to the park to play

  2. I would love to see your uni project Mat sounds wonderful. :-) x

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  5. Oh Gracie Lee! She's the best, one of my favourite people and a very talented, uncomplicated designer with a kind spirit. Love these.

  6. I can say that we have the same personality. I hate confrontation and drama. I always do things which I believe I can do it by my own. Anyways, cool wall stickers labels.

  7. I have a OCD of when i start a project everything has to be in a certain place at a certain time, then as the project goes on if it isnt all a mess ( my desk) then im not concentrating enough. But every time I start it has to be perfect. The wall decals are amazing by the way.