3 Ideas For Drinking Tea

Unpacking for a shoot and checking out Bleus d'Ailleurs and Les Maisons Enchantées by Hermes. Photo & styling SnOOp
My Maxwell & Williams Confetti latte cups in my sink with a Lee Broom glass. Photo and Styling SnOOp
This  picture doesn't go with the style I have gone with for this story but I love it and there is no rules on SnOOp. Moonlight  by Royal Doulton. Photo SnOOp
1. Choose what size cup suits your hot brew drinking habits. Do you love a big mug or are you happier with small servings. Freshly brewed from a teapot or coffee maker is so much more satisfying.

2. Wrapping your hands around a chunky cup can be really comforting

3.  Really good quality fine bone china will retain the heat longer 

I love drinking tea and coffee. It's my weakness - it's my morning vice.
One thing became really clear to me on my travels last year for my book Rethink - The Way You Live is all the homeowners who I visited across the globe gave me a cup of coffee or tea with no handles. Truth be told I prefer a cup with no handles. There is something very comforting to wrap my hands around a warm brew.

This trend I believe has come from our wonderful takeaway coffees. Perhaps a psychological link between the coffee we buy from our local cafe to when we have it home. It just feels right.


  1. i like it in theory but unless the cup is thick then it's too hot for my hands. i'd like a clear coffee mug though

  2. This is an interesting way to serve tea and I can see how comforting it is to wrap ones hands around the cup.

    Have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  3. Mat it's all about the type of ceramics used for the cup. It takes a little research but cups like the maxwell & Williams is a great example in being able to drink the hot brew without burning hands :-)