Serpant Sea's Nautical rope rugs by Sophie Aschauer

This is Sophie Aschauer from Serpent Sea at home. Photograph Backyard Bill


Ahoy, SnOOper's I'm so into this! I would like you to meet Sophie Aschauer from Serpent Sea. Docked in New York she is hand weaving vibrant rugs from reclaimed sailing ropes out of her studio apartment. She has named the mats after 17th century pirates such as "Bonny", "Morgan", and "Killigrew". Please check out what Sophie has to offer at, Serpent Sea, and bring the nautical vibe into your home.


  1. Your rugs are so detailed and intricate! Do you know how to she started and developed this talent? I am hoping this fall that I pick up a hobby of some sort of craft. Maybe I will be able to sell and make extra money on the side if I become good at it! But going back to your post, her rugs are very beautiful. Can you purchase these in the London area at all ?

  2. We've always been in love with these rugs. What a great theme!