Picasso never dates! I was watching British talent show X-Factor (yes I watch it) on the television and one of the commercials had people making all these wonderful shapes with a light. I knew I had seen this before and Bam guess what? I found all these wonderful pictures on the LIFE website. I think we should all get a torch and do a little Picasso in our own homes. I would love to see your results


  1. omg, way cool


  2. I've seen a lot of 'light painting' recently but had no idea Picasso had been there! First time I saw it was a friends photography project using sparklers to write. That photo is great - the one of him in his pants!

    I like this light painting on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/loutseu/266335778/sizes/l/

    By the way, I'm all over Xfactor. Can't help but watch!

  3. I love the light painting on Flickr you have given a link to! THanks for sharing it. It looks as dreamy as what it says it is..xx