I came across this stunning new book FAMILY at my local bookstore, Waterstone's, the other day. I instantly thought how some of you would sacrafice a weeks worth of coffee in exchange for this beautifully shot book.

I love Familys' celebration for freindship and how for some their strong bonds develop into becoming a family unit. For many years, Lauren Dukoff has been photographing close friend and musician Devendra Banhart and an extended, loose-knit international family of artists who share inspiration variously from folk, Tropicalia, and each other, as well as a range of other musical influences. FAMILY is a collection of Dukoff's striking portraits and candid images of Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Bat for Lashes, Feathers, Espers, Vetiver, Bert Jansch, Vashti Bunyan, and many others individually and together, in performance and more private spaces.

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  1. good musics and good pics. there isn't a better combination than that!