My Desk Is My Home

I had a tweet a couple of weeks ago from British Illustrator extraordinaire Mark Howe stating 'Amanda my desk is my home'. Well of course I had to check it out on his website. I also learned that his skills consist of thinking outside the box, thinking whilst hiding behind the box and thinking whilst wearing the box as a hat. Plus, he dislikes clip art, spiders, rain, The Daily Mail, porridge, rust, bagpipes, TV soaps, Rotherham and Coldplay. His weaknesses are laughing at his own rubbish puns, cake, Doritos, amazon.co.uk, facebook and crunchie bars. He declares his special powers are holding his breath for 27 seconds, sub-human strength, flight, laser eye treatment and lying about special powers.

All illustrations and photos by Mark Howe

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  1. I can relate to Mark. I'm always at my desk working. I think we should hold a challenge in who can hold their breath longest as I just timed myself and I do believe I made it up to 29 seconds. Is that a world record?