A sHELL of A House

So who said you have to stick to four straight walls and a splash of magnolia paint to have a dream home. Oh and landscaping outside the house is so last season. This fantastical home demonstrates there are no limits in how far your little bits of inspiration can take you. All I can add is move out the way little critters us humans are moving in!

This amazing house was build in 2006 by Arquitectura Orgánica. A young couple with two children from Mexico City who after living in a conventional home wanted to change to one integrated to nature. The goal of this project was to make it feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister.


  1. This would be an amazing home to grow up in. Can you imagine the memories one would have, as an adult looking back?! It would be spectacular. You always surprise me! Cannot wait for your book!

  2. omg, i want to live in that!
    at least for a day or something, imagine telling others " I live in a seashell" o.0


  3. This home is amazing! I love concept houses!

  4. I know! It would be so amazing so amazing to experience the building... I love this house so much. Thanks for your coments guys

  5. Such a pretty and amazing home. So nice to live in a home like that. :)
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