Whimsical Dreams!

Have you been wondering when we're going to see new blood in the photography world? Well I can assure you they are coming like a stampede of horses. This wonderful journal by sixteen-year-old American photographer Sophie captures every emotion a teenage girl feels. Sophie's heart-felt images share her dreams, search for perfect love, a want in self-discovery and heartache along the way all captured from her bedroom and backyard. Sophie will often match poems and lyrics to her pictures. I recommend you go and check her out on Flick'r.

All pictures by Whimsical* aka Sophie

Here is a paragraph from one of Sophie's favourite books."What do i know about love? Not much--thats the safe answer. Even when i think i have a grasp on it, something comes along to make me realize i dont know anything at all. its just a concept to me. its the thing that all the songs are written about, the thing that makes smart people act stupidly. if i can make love a concept, it makes me a better observer. and it also leaves a place inside of me hollow. sometimes i can actually feel it. to reach down inside that part-- i wonder how it would feel, to touch a void. that nameless empty." (--How They Met, by David Levithan ... one of the many books that makes me cry)."

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  1. wonderful pictures. Such a talented photographer. I cant wait to see more of her work