What I Love --- Sam Grawe - Editor In Chief - Dwell

I'm such a huge fan of Dwell magazine and this issue is fantastic. Make sure you get a copy. Something you may not know about Sam... He has a cat called Eero. Want a little more inspiration from British designer, Jasper Morrison? Then check out what's on his blog and make sure you check out this thought -provoking magazine cover by him. Don't forget to check out Magis.

What a treat SnOOpers! Everyday this week editors from some of the world's most loved shelter magazines are giving us some time to share what they're currently loving. Please let them know here what you think of their product choice and let this be a chance for you to shout out to them some big SnOOp love. 

Tomorrow David Clark, Editor, from Australian Vogue Living will be dropping by.
Did you catch yesterday Suzanne Imre, Editor from Livingetc, the UK's best selling modern interiors magazine's,  choice?  


  1. Aaah Jasper...I love his low-pad chair


  2. These are so colorful, sleek and durable looking. Like little happiness portals! http://ginghamandgold.blogspot.com/

  3. OMG another amazing post Jasper has made an inspired choice. Love it love it and furthermore I LOVE IT

  4. Love this post great selection. Kudos Jasper great choice

  5. Amanda I love this series! It is so refreshing to see such amazing editors from MY favourite magazines sharing their voice on my favourite blog. Love Dwell Sam and I agree that the chairs are a future design classic

  6. They're like little jewels - we've blogged about the emerald coloured chair before, so cool!