What I Love --- David Clark - Editor- Vogue Living

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I want to take this opportunity to say from the United Kingdom how proud I am as an Australian of Vogue Living. It doesn't matter where I go in the world everyone I know loves this magazine. Architects, designers and photographers all love to be featured in it.  It's intelligent, aspirational, confident and balances international and local talent perfectly. I rate it as one of the best interior magazines in the world.

I hope you're enjoying this series. This is such a rare and amazing opportunity for us to have a little insight into the creative personalities who produce our favourite interior magazines located in one spot. One of my goals is helping to bridge the gap between interior magazines and design blogs. I have done the legwork in asking the editors to contribute but it's up to you guys to comment and let us know what you think.

Tomorrow Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief from ELLE Decor will be here


  1. I don't get a chance to view Vogue Living, Australia much here in Mtl. Not every mag shop carries it. However, Vogue Living in general is such an incredible magazine and I'm sure the Aussie version is no exception. At first glance, I had thought these were made of paper.. just beautiful..

  2. Once again, I find so much inspiration in this series. How unique to feature such amazing art. Seeing what excites the great minds behind beautiful decor mags is truly a treat. Thank you!

  3. Fab Series Amanda am loving it!!!! such an innovative and great approach uniting magazine editors & bloggers :)

  4. Serious this is so AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm off to learn more now about this brilliant man. I love Vogue Living too.

  5. Keep it up you are doing an amazing job here. I love that you are bringing together magazine editors and bloggers it was a long time coming here in the UK. Thank You.

  6. This is incredible, I had to look up Michael Hansmeyer for a closer look at those columns. It's so refreshing to get a mix of ideas and input from bloggers and magazine editors. Can't wait for the next post!

  7. Hello Snoop lady. x

    I love your blog so much I have spilled a little something for you over at my corner. Please pop over when you have a moe..

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  8. This post just blew my mind. AMAZING!
    That close up is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing this and I can't wait to check it out further.

    matters of merrymaking