Sustainable Design - Working With Grass

Photo via MOOD
Market Backpack From Brook Farm
photo by Maria Yastrebova; Bedroom SnOOped via Linen and Lavender
Photo by Nagano Toyokazu
Cinq Design
White, cotton tabi from Nagano Prefecture are fashioned from an American flour sack from Sri Threads; Grass mat by Billet
Bla Bla chair by Marina 68 Studio; photo by Maria Yastrebova


  1. I've been looking for a straw bag that is made for carrying you dog for a LONG time. I saw it over a year ago, and it was pretty amazing. This post just reinvogorated my search!

  2. The little girl in the basket - that is the kind of picture that makes my day brighter!

  3. wow that first pic is amazing...I got a huuuge straw bag a alittle like the second photo from a charity shop last year for a pound - bargain! Great post :) x