What Happened This Weekend

"I took my daughter to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A and then we made some pancakes" says Karine, Creative Director of BODIE and FOU Photo by: Cortoboy
"My mother came over and gave me my childhood toy rabbit that I left in my family home. I love this guy,"says artist Mambo Key
"I play the drums like I don't have neighbours. I do have them though :-)," says photographer Sannah Kvist
"In London the best place to hang our washing is on the radiators around the apartment.  I love it when I put my clean sheets on my bed after they have been drying on a radiator. It's like snuggling into a warm hug. You will always find sheets and clothes hanging out to dry all over the apartment on weekends,"says Yann Faucher 

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  1. Even the mundane and simple turns into the cool & hip, especially with photos like these.. Pancakes and Yohji, this is crazy cool.