What Happened This Weekend - Pays Respect To Those In Japan

"My mother came over and gave me my childhood toy rabbit that I left in my family home. I love this guy,"says artist Mambo Key
"I travel a lot with my work so when I'm home I like to sit still and make things. I created Dandelion Bottle this weekend," says Daisuke Matsumura
"I decided this weekend I was going to take the time to think and rest. I wore this t-shirt to remind me" says TEPPEI
 "I have got so obsessed with drawing mustache's lately I'm putting them on anything I can get my hands onto" says model Aoiyuu
 "I can't believe how fast my son is growing up. He is like a little man now and likes to entertain himself at the dining table by reading and drawing," says Hideaki Hamada

This is a very small mark of respect of the tragic events happening in Japan. "What Happened This Weekend" is the opportunity to celebrate the love people have for their homes.  Some of my favourite contributors over the last year have come from Japan so to think how their lives have be turned upside down and what they are emotionally and physically going through right now breaks my heart.  I know some of our contributors are OK but others I'm not so sure. Please, please support the relief work happening in Japan. 

Here are some organisations providing amazing support


  1. These are all wonderful stories, a lovely homage to Japan.

    Meera xx

  2. Oh lovely, quiet, full of hope. Love these beautiful shots..