Hear Them Roar

You can purchase David Weeks Wooden Animals from online store Areaware
In 2010 one thing is for sure natural materials are going to continue to be important to those who like to shop for their home or bedroom. I love wood: it's a living material. I like to hold it, stroke it and sniff it. It gives a physical connection to the pre-industrial world. That sensual reality is a neccessary part for my home. The value of a natural made product that appears to be made by hand can add soul to our daily lives. I maintain that you can feel the mark of a living object, a piece of furniture, a building and even a toy. It's worth having and celebrating


  1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    You have a really interesting blog here. And at first glance I thought these Wooden Animals were kind of quirky, but your write-up has convinced me of their beauty... The next decade is absolutely going to be about au naturale.

    Will be back for a visit.

  2. I also love wood. These are just adorable.

  3. Very nice indeed. For the DIY wood-lovers, get an appropriate knife and try some of your own carving. Here's an amusing site with some ideas:
    It's in Norwegian, but the images speak for themselves, and Google Translate takes care of the rest.