The Glam Factory

 all photos by Heidi view more here
I love it when a person embodies style in every aspect of their life. Heidi's photographic talent transports me into her beautiful world giving me a little moment of escapism on my first day back at work. Oh to have the Californian sun on my skin right now. I love her wall divider. I've always been a huge fan of this kind of wall divider. I had one like this made for a set I had designed years ago for an advertising campaign I consulted on. They are relatively easy for a handy person to make. Heidi's home has so many great ideas so make sure you go and visit her at Flick'r


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing! I especially love the photo of the woman with her hands to her mouth (in the longsleeved white shirt) Its so beautiful!


  2. Beautiful! Love these photos....


  3. Great pics! Thanks for posting.
    Happy new year!