Making Music Improves Your Health - Fact!

Photographs by Amsterdam photographer Ananda Serne
From children to students to OAP’s music is a consistant part of our life. Not only does it give us pleasure but it helps keep us happy and healthy. Buckets of research has gone into uncovering direct links between making music and enhancing your well-being.

Get Healthy! – Making music improves your health. Evidence from around the globe has proved that playing a musical instrument can:

# Help Asthma sufferers reduce their symptoms

# Relieve stress and increase well-being

# Build muscle strength and aid recovery

# Enhance the function of the immune system

Get Back! – Making music keeps you younger. An increasing amount of research shows that for older people making music can delay the signs of ageing and help with the symptoms of some degenerative diseases. Making music, particularly within a group setting, can:

# Help decrease anxiety, loneliness and depression

# Improve self-esteem

# Help improve memory

# Give a general sense of well-being

Believe it or not, playing an instrument that you have to blow into burns a significant amount of calories. So your hour a day practicing will improve your health and give your lungs a workout


  1. Wowww!!Really??!!!
    So thats mean its always OK for me to lock myself in my bedroom for hours and screaming and playing my guitar!!!LoL

  2. Love this post! I cannot tell you how many times just signing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs has improved my mood and general state of affairs. Brilliant post.

    This only furthers my commitment to have a piano in my next home!

  3. I should start playing my german flute again :D