Berlin City Break

We have just got back from an AMAZING few days in Berlin! It was my first time and it certainly will not be my last. It's such a vibrant, cultural city with a huge art and music scene. It's fantastic for people watching. Those Berliners are super cool and stylish.  I know I should be telling you about all the cool Christmas markets, exhibitions,  restaurants, bars, shops and so on but I have to RANT about the hotel we stayed in. Hotel Amano. It was a bummer....

First impressions are wonderful. The design is impressive. This is where we had traditional German breakfast which filled us up for the day to brave the brisk winter air. Below is the apartments you can stay in if you have the cash...

This was our room below... It was 80 Euro a night. So why do I want to rant... For three reasons. When a hotel is selling it's image on luxury modern design they need to make sure they don't scrimp on the most important details... Sheets, towels and customer service. The sheets I swear were purchased from Ikea'. They gave us sheet rash when we slid under the synthetic duvet.  The word sandpaper comes to mind when describing the towels rather than fluffy and the service was HORRIBLE! Crack a smile receptionists.

It was such a shame as the location was fantastic it's right in the heart of Mitte, located in the very cool, chic  east side of Berlin. Sometimes I think designers need to consider about saving some money on things like coat hooks and splurge on things that are expected from a hotel. They didn't even have any product to use... A hotel needs to be more than a space that photographs well for magazine shoots.


  1. amazing! glad u had a good time in Berlin ...i love this city too! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  2. Agreed! One of my peeves is when form overrides function for there is no excuse.

    Glad you enjoy the city!

  3. sounds like you had a bit of a not-so-post-soviet experience! too bad it looks so great!

  4. total agreement! good write up...