Roksanda Ilincic At Home

Born in Belgrade, Serbia and based in London, Roksanda Ilincic takes a fresh, feminine—even avant-guardian—approach to dress design. Her creations read more like art pieces: delicate but bold, fluid but sculptural. I had a chance to visit her London home which she shares with her husband Phil Bueno del Mesquita with the incredible photographer Henrik Knudsen. Working closely with hotshot UK  architect David Adjaye they have created an environment that plays with light. It’s all about how to use light and dark whether as a focal points, to define an area or to draw the eye to a favourite piece. The result is dramatic, breathtaking and a natural  extension of her fashion line.
Portrait by Richard Nicholson
 The 32-year-old former model graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins arts college in 2000, and by 2005, boldly made her mark on the runways with her namesake Roksanda Ilincic line. Roksanda chose Adjaye for his bespoke designs that have always been less about structure or form and more about illusion. He approaches them with an artist’s sensibility, displaying an ingenious use of materials and ability to sculpt light. ‘I prefer not to make a house look a house. The aim for my buildings is to leave an individual impression based on how they’re experienced,’ he says. With this King’s Cross home, once an industrial concrete loading bay, Roksanda and David have created a glam-chic space with low-budget materials.


All pictures by Henrik Knudsen
What I love is how they have shown us how light can be captured and displayed like a beautiful butterfly in a glass bell jar.

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