Christmas isn't Just About Santa

Now did you ever consider what the Easter Bunny got up to at this time of year? No? Well...



  1. Thats awesome! and I love the lighting in the last picture!

  2. amanda, i have NO idea how you found my blog but what an honor! such kind words, thank you! i had no idea you lent a fabulous hand in that shot... how incredible! i envy you and your experiences you have had in your career! you have an impeccable blog and taste! new fave! thanks for finding me so i could find you!

  3. !!!

    i have often wondered - my birthday is easter sunday next year so easter is my time to shine!

    i love these pics so much...

    i didn't realise bunny carried an SLR either, i have learned something today.

    mwah! x

  4. It's true. No one ever thinks about the Easter Bunny at this time. Perhaps I'll distract the students in my class from Christmas for a while tomorrow and get them to think/ write about what the Easter Bunny is doing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hahahahah! :)

    Happy new week!
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  6. hahaha !! poor Easter bunny. >_< the photos are cute!