Light'n Up It's Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho! The jolly season has begun and what better way to do it than to start with your Christmas lights.  UK stylist Suzanne Stankus and photographer Damian Russell have got all creative on us with some explosively gorgeous ideas in how to brighten up our homes. A blog exclusive folks...

This year it's time to look beyond the tree to add some extra twinkling sparkle inside your home. One word PAR-TY!

A kitty cat's dream. Peace with a handmade white stained, wood cross by UK artist Alex Goacher

Remember Christmas didn't start with the fat guy in the red suit. It's about Virgin Mary popping out baby Jesus. So why not illuminate her with some fairy lights. Who cares if your not religious this will be the talking point for visitors all over the break.

Enough with the twee and bring in the Polystrene chains. This is soooo Tim Winter with a Stankus and Russell twist. Think statement, statement, statement... oh and Bambi

photos by Damian Russell 
  There is never enough dining chairs so make sure you stock up and never let them go. I love mix and match but why not try to stick with one colour... LOVE IT!

This shoot makes me giddy. Suzanne and Damian probably don't know this but they inspired me when I started out in Australia to do what I do. Their shoots have always been breathtakingly beautiful and what makes them stand out is how they create IDEAS that most haven't thought up. Suzanne started her career styling at British ELLE Decoration under the editorship of Ilse Crawford and then moved onto styling the iconic Habitat catalogues. Damian has helped set the tone in how modern interiors are photographed in our favourite magazines. The duo have been working together almost forever. If your about to set off in creating a new campaign then this is your team. And for the rest of us who love to have fun at home then go crazy with festive lights and brighten up your space.


  1. Love the first photo. It's a good idea leaving that twinkle lights under the couch. That will give a nice ambient light at night. I'll try that this year. And the wing for decoration also cool!

  2. thanxx for visiting my blog!
    i took the thoughts-photo on a really sad day...BUT the sky was so beautiful...

    love your blog...now i am following you!

    xx cat
    CiTiEs of B