Living with Colour

I LOVE COLOUR! Stumbling upon Seattle based photographer Seth Thompson's website it reminded me how the Mexican's and Cuban's celebrate vibrant hues inside their homes.  Seth's images make my knees go weak.... I really love the bedroom 6 shots down.

All photo's via Seth Thompson 

What makes the look so seductive? It's the mix of vibrant paint colours washed onto the natural raw surfaces. 

Feeling blue and stressed out by life then all of the above shades will help pick you up. 

Pink is known as the great nurturer. This tone creates feelings of caring, comfort and even sedation. Blue is the colour we should consider to be a blessing. It embodies vitality. It relaxes the mind and refines our ability to concentrate whilst helping to induce a flow of positivism. If there is heaven on earth, White may just be as close as we get to it. It evokes a feeling of purity when used in interiors. Green equals tranquility, peace and new life. Pure bright Greens will uplift you, conveying energy and life. 

Right then you know where to come next time when you want a pick me up! Remember though a big hug is another must do remidy.


  1. i adore colour - people shouldn't be so afraid of using it - the pictures are great and bring a whole new meaning to shabby chic

    thanks for the lovely comment. great blog =]


  2. I really love the first two blues! The only thing is that kind of look really work in a seaside hut or summer house...somewhere you escape to and where you really don't care if there is no TV, electricity, just time to chill out, read and sleep

  3. Oh gosh how lovely!! I just read something about how we've been overexposed to neutral shades and how we shouldn't be afraid of color in our homes.. This kind of proves that. Makes you happy!

  4. Marvelous post! I love color and use many different hues in my home. Thanks for sharing these images! I'm so pleased to have found your blog and look forward to many future visits!

  5. Amanda - thank you for your kind comments on my blogs. It put a big smile on my face.

    I have just discovered yours, and I can see that I will get nothing constructive done all day because of it.. :)

    Love this post on colour - such an interesting and rich topic. The power of colours is amazing.
    The photography is great - the capture of the raw simplistic vibrance. Also like how his compositions are almost 'snap shot' like.
    Great find and thanks for sharing.


  6. I would LOVE that much color in my home/bedroom. I'm in the process of redecorating the room so this is a big help for inspiration!

  7. hi there, i am glad to find out that you exist in blogosphere. What a nice blog and a happy coinsidence to have you posted in the meantime without knowing you. Of course i am going to update my post with your name on. Fantastic post this one i am commenting, it reminded me so many Greek country houses that still exists. Exactly like my grandmother's.