Covering Up

I'm loving these prints by Namao Rococo and Lene Toni Kjeld over at Hermitage. These bespoke prints come in sheets rather than rolls, allowing one to cover an entire wall or framed as a single objects d art. Because these are one-of-a-kind papers, each sheet will have subtle variations in the printing and painted ground.

Hermitage is happy to offer wallpaper samples upon request. Each sample is US$3. To order, email or call 206-328-5550.

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  1. OK this is the third post I am reading (having just discovered your blog) - I started at the top and have gotten here and LOVE everything so far. You are a great researcher, you write very well and I am completely drawn in!

    These wall coverings are fantastic. Will definitely keep on my books. Brilliant find and thanks for sharing!
    Now onto your next post.. (I can see that I won't be getting anything done today!)