Happy Anniversary

 All pictures by lovely Amy Mortimer

Great news. Today I had a lovely surprise in discovering that Apartment Therapy posted my Rachel Zoe feature. So WELCOME to any new visitors. I hope you are exploring around and enjoying the blog. I have some favourite stories below which I would love you to find so I have put some links below. However, I hope you guys don't mind but I need to use the blog today to say to my lovely Ollie, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We have been together for 4years now.

We fell in love with each other on fireworks night. (Aghhh romantic) and then our
1st year was huge as I sat by Ollie's hospital bed as he went for a 10 hour heart surgery operation the next day. I will tell you more about that on another blog entry. So we are here together on our 4th year and I love him more than avacado on toast.

OK I will say the rest in person to my man tonight during our romantic dinner. So as promised here are some links to the blog that have been favourites

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Acting Out At Home
This Is Who I Am (you need 5mins to read this)
A Week of Food
Design For Life Not Magazine Covers
Hanging Out With Philippe Starck
A Sizzling Breakfast (With Lenny Kravitz)

I hope you enjoy yourself and we will see you here again soon

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  1. oh happy day- well it sounds like kismet, you mended a broken heart in the process. here's to avocado on toast. big blessings and yummy celebrations. ox t