Work, Rest & Play!

Have you guys seen Working Class Magazine? Well you should. This picture of Editor-in-Chief Megan Martin and Creative Director, Marcel Dagenais I think can ring home to all of us. I had to include her comments below. Just remember sometimes we need to step away from the computer and enjoy the space we live in.
Good luck with the magazine guys!

"We assumed this position for a good six hours yesterday. I don't even think I got up to go pee. Sorry, a bit too much info? Anyway, we cropped, cut, pasted, emailed, sent, laughed, edited, added, bickered and re-worded the content for our Summer issue, and I'm so proud! It's going to be beautiful so stay tuned, it will be up and out on August 15th. Much love! m and m"

Working Class represents a community of local artists in New York, who are Brooklyn-based quaretly online zine that showcases various talents from all aspects of the world. Writers, photographers, poets, illustrators, models, small business owners, actors musicians. They all work and live in New York, and know the struggles of things like bad tippers, overpriced rents, and disagreeable weather. Working Class taps the pulse of the underground art world, and disucsses why we all stick around.

By the way Megan and Martin I would love to send around one of my photographers to snap you in your home.


  1. I Live in Melbourne - and freelance Graphic Design from home.
    Megan and Marcel are living their dream - which is so inspiring!
    Although - we all need to avoid taking our powerbooks to bed! opps...

  2. thank you for your sweet comments. i enjoyed your postings as well. =)