I don't know where I have been but I have only just discovered queen of the yarn Yokoo. I have fallen head over heals for this Atlanta based designer who has gained sky-rocketing fame on the internet. Her devotees follow her not only for the over-sized chunky knitwear that she sells onEtsy but because of her eclectic style, endearing self-portraits and trademark haircut. I could go on and discuss the reasons why she is building up steam on the web but that would be boring. What I will share firstly is how Yokoo often wonders what her flick'r devotees smell like she usually opts to wears Liz Claiborne. Secondly, the new glossy Love Magazine disappointingly spelt her name wrong in their second issue. Thirdly, her muse is 'Tavi the 13 year old doopasoopa star, with all the personality of a thirty-year-old wool sweater'. Another fact is when she is knitting, crocheting, sewing or crafting in general Yokoo watches Charlie Brown and old Alfred Hitchcock episodes. One final thing to share is Yokoo has calculated that she spends 36 hours and 5o minutes a year fluffing her pillows on her bed. If you suffer from Seriousitis, then Yakoo can be just the eclectic shock therapy you need. She is fun, inspirational and full of colour. Enjoy her home that is as warm and tactile as her knitwear.

All photos by Yokoo


  1. wonderful post of a wonderfully zany lady that is Yokoo, thanks for posting :))

  2. I totally love her! She is so eclectic and zany... Nice little write up!