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What happens when you are a photographer and get 35,000 hits a day on your website? Well for starters Vogue and The New York Times commission you. Then a clever art director thinks lets jump on this buzz. Who is the creative world going crazy for? 31-year-old, New Yorker Todd Selby aka The Selby. Super chic Chicago fashion label Cole, Rood & Haan Co who specialise in gorgeous handmade leather shoes inspired by vintage designs have asked The Selby to photograph his cult following style images with their product in the shots. What's the secret of his sites success? Well Todd believes it taps into human nature stepping away from comercialised photogography. Here are the results!

All images by The Selby


  1. beautiful, really beautiful...

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment! Yes indeed, I do like your blog! And this post has a large number of pretty shoes for men in it - something the world needs more of... :)


  3. they are all so nice... i always love the weather in your country..