Loulou de la Falaise

There are some people who leave a lasting impression on you after meeting them. For me this happened when I met jewellery designer Loulou de la Falaise in 2007 the former muse to fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent. It was the way she glided up to greet me, the way she gracefully moved her hands when talking, the way she lounged in her chair, the amazing jewellery draped around her and she just had the unexplainable je ne sais quois. French photographer Roberto Frankenberg captured Loulou and her home for me. Her home is a glamorous mix of colour and style just as she is in person.

In 1972, French-Irish talent Loulou de la Falaise entered the house of Yves Saint Laurent as both muse and jewellery designer. Creating strong, playful and exquisitely proportioned pieces, she soon became a vital part of the machine that drove the giant fashion French label. Today, Loulou lives in an extravagantly decorated Thirties apartment in Paris' Montparnasse district, which she shares with her husband Thadee and daughter Anna. "With its high ceilings, I felt like we were floating in the sky", says Loulou, "so I draped pure white cotton curtains everywhere and hung a pendulous crystal chandelier to represent air".

I asked Loulou a few questions about her home

AT: What attracted you to your home?
LF: This apartment started out 30 years ago as an empty white space. I loved having a blank canvas to work with so I could create somewhere that I would be surrounded by the things I adore.

AT: How do you display favourite objects?
LF: When I give parties I don't want people to feel they're unable to move, so I have a lot of crystal bottles and vases kept slightly out of reach. I don't like things feeling too precious because it's not relaxing.

AT: What sort of atmosphere were you trying to create?
LF: My home is like a gypsy as it has a lot of colour and generosity. I want it to make people feel happy and surprised but at the same time it needs to be beautiful.

AT: How do you keep the space fresh and relaxing for when you're not working?
LF: Colour has helped to make my home feel tranquil. I'm drawn to tones provided by nature, plus hues from vibrant precious stones such as ruby and coral.

AT: In which part of your home are you most creative?
LF: I often gravitate to my daughter Anna's end of the flat where there's a big table. I need to have a clean open space around me.

AT: Is there anyone or anything you find particularly inspiring?
LF: I have always been drawn to Moroccan and Iranian cultures and I love the Chinese for their sense of colour.