What Happened This Weekend

"My son and I made a new coaster this weekend," says Masami Akatsuka founder of Cocon Shop
"This is my new bike and I am in LOVE. The colours are so wonderful. The only problem is I can't keep it outside so I spent all weekend trying to come up with a solution how to store it indoors," says Kate from Chocolatekate
"This weekend was my 30-something birthday party. My house is a long way off finished but I love having friends over to eat, drink and celebrate. It was hard not to snap my friend J looking very handsome in my living room, candle-lit and surrounded by mine and others' art work, says super talented Textile Designer Ruth Singer".
If you would like to take part in next weeks "What Happened This Weekend" please send your picture and quote here. Remember it has to relate to your time at home.

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