Ongoing Story - by James Balston

 "Well its not a thing of beauty or a very fashionable piece. It falls into the "brown" furniture category with heavy Victorian carvings. My partner can't stand it! So, since this picture was taken, when it stood in our living room, it is now firmly in my study with the computer on it.  I'm very fond of it. I remember when it belonged to my grandfather, and it sat opposite my grandmother's desk in their study. They had a farm, so it was a real working desk in those days," says interiors photographer James Balston.
"I inherited a pair of rather fab Crown Devon coffee cups from my grandparents, of which I've since found more on Ebay, and have become slightly obsessed with all things Crown Devon. As a child I was amazed by how huge they seemed, and would watch in wonder as my grandparents drunk from them at the breakfast table," says James.

Please check out James Balston's blog. He is a fantastic UK interiors photographer. 

If you would like to contribute to "Ongoing Story..." then email here your pictures of your most loved handed down piece and quote why its so special to you.


  1. Wow, what a cool collection of photographs. I wish we had hand me downs to photograph (though if he's still doing this in 20 years, we can contribute!)

  2. Wow, how cool photo collections. I hope we have a hand me downs shooting (although if he still do this in twenty years, we can contribute!)

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