New Textile Trend is Gingham

Photo by Candice Caballero
Photo by Gaku
Bed photo Snooped on Emma's Blog; Shirt by Cosmic Wonder Light Source
Photo by Sayaka Minemura

When gingham comes up it usually fits with the words grandma and twee. But doing what Snoop does best which is um SnOOping - we spotted this little blue and white check making a sneaky comeback. Perhaps we should start thinking about using words like cheery, graphic, modern and uplifting when we use the 'G' word. 


  1. To be happy, and a bit ironic, just say the word gingham! Here's to bringing the little checkered print out from the back cupboards and into the forefront of design trends. Who knew?

  2. Count me in on the trend! Great scarf and I would like to have a skirted round cloth for my patio. Love the bedspread with all the white too.
    Mary Ann

  3. ooh yes count me in too - i love a bit of gingham! xo

  4. Gingham is such a happy and nurturing print. I associate it with the mattress in my first room, the kitchen curtains in a cottage and the table cloth we'd use in the garden in Summer..

    It also makes me think of picnics and Scandinavia.. Will be fun to see this trend develop.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I am delighted to follow you back here.. in fact I am a follower now, full stop.

    x Charlotta

  5. i adore gingham! one of my favorite shirting patterns...the last photo is absolutely darling!