What Happened This Weekend

"Russell and I are professionals in how to enjoy the weekend," says artist and musician Joe Howe.
"Now my son's nearly two he's really fun to spend the weekend with. Not doing grand ambitious stuff, just weird little things like playing with mud, jumping off stuff and running around," says Nicolas Roope - creator of the The Plumen 001- the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb.
"I can't believe how fast my son is growing up. He is like a little man now and likes to entertain himself at the dining table by reading and drawing," says Hideaki Hamada
"I took a photo of Agnes on her bed," says freelance photographer Sannah Kvist
"I travel a lot with my work so when I'm home I like to sit still and make things. I created Dandelion Bottle this weekend," says Daisuke Matsumura

If you would like to take part in next weeks "What Happend This Weekend" please send your picture and quote here. Remember it has to relate to your time at home.


  1. I really need that painted headboard. Really need.


  2. Great post, creative writing :)

  3. What a super cool post. Love having Sweden part of it!!