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My obsession at the moment is how do we live in our Urban Cities and stay connected to the environment? When you meet people who live off the land it is powerfully clear how they have a connection and awareness about mother nature that us city folk don't. Sometimes I feel like those of us living in mega cities are like animals caged in a zoo unaware of the elements. When we do discuss  the whether it is usually about how inconvenient a snow storm is when we are commuting to and from work or a pair of new suede shoes have been destroyed from a freak flash rain storm. I have to be honest it does scare me sometimes how little we think about how our planet is coping with nearly half of the worlds population living in town and cities.

I soon will be sharing with you some of the solutions I have been researching that will show how future thinking in design can help us all look past our local concrete jungles. 

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  1. I'm from the North of England, and live on the outskirts of a town, near to countryside, woods, fields, the river that runs through our town and beaches etc. When I go down to London to work, I feel stifled by all the concrete and how you can't see the sky :/ And you're right, the inconvienience of the weather etc is the only time people even acknowledge it - when I seem to notice it all the time! I'm moving down there for work later in the year, and although I'm escited, the thought of leaving all the green and blue of home behind is really saddening :( So I look forward to your nwxt post! x