Pear Makeover by Chef Oliver Heath

Food: Oliver Heath | Styling Amanda Talbot | Photography: Paul McMahon
I'm not a huge fan of winter fruits. When the dark clouds roll in and the chilly, crisp air arrives each year I know its time to say goodbye to juicy cherries, sumptuous berries, delicious peaches and refreshing watermelon. Apples, pears and oranges the typical winter fruit makes me yawn and sway toward chocolate. My chef husband Oliver Heath wanted to prove to me the humble, affordable pear was anything but boring and bland. He whipped up for me 'pear soup and blue cheese on walnut bread' for only $2.96 per person. OMG! it was one of the most delicious lunches I have had for ages.

I am big believer food eating should be a complete experience. It doesn't just stop with the ingredients. I would love to see more restaurants, cafes and pubs commission local makers to create tableware, furniture and sell iconic and regional foods alongside classic and regional tableware.

You can find Oliver's recipe on his blog Weekly Meals